Best One-Tank RV Trips From Denver Colorado

Have you got some time off coming up? Maybe you have a four-day weekend and you're living in Denver wondering what you should do with the time off. Plane tickets anywhere now are too expensive, but why not get an affordable RV rental from Road Bear RV in Denver, Colorado and take a short "staycation"? There are plenty of one-tank RV excursions in the Denver, Colorado area, perfect for time off and relaxation.

RV Camps in Denver

Let's talk about RV camps in Denver for a minute. If you're going to camp out, nothing beats camping out near a mountain-fed lake with the mountains as your backdrop. It's beautiful scenery all year long, and the camps have a lot to offer. Additionally, most of the camps are a one-tank RV trip from Denver, which is perfect for getting away from home but not going too far.

Cherry Creek State Park and Clear Creek RV Park are two of the prettiest RV campgrounds in the entire state. All natural rivers and lakes for swimming, boating, canoeing and fishing, plus the mountains in the background, make it a nice quiet spot to park an RV for a couple of days. Both of these are a very short distance from Denver too.

The Historic Monte Vista

Here is one of the oldest Coloradoan cities. There are museums and cultural activities galore. If you don't want to camp out in the serenity of the mountains, you can use a single gas tank in your affordable RV rental to visit this town. Take in the sights, try some famous local food, and sleep under the stars in the RV.

The Paint Mines

Want a truly affordable and inexpensive road trip experience? Take your affordable RV rental in CO on down to see the Paint Mines, a natural phenomenon that has to be seen to be believed. The many different colored layers of clay that create these rock structures look like someone dumped buckets of paint in bands over the rocks. Yet it's the clay's different mineral compositions that color them this way. Native Americans used to harvest the different clays and use them to die and paint everything they wore and used every day.

Royal Gorge Bridge and State Park

Not for the faint of heart, this RV adventure is one you will tell your grandchildren about! The amazing suspension bridge spans a gorge over the Arkansas River a thousand feet in the air. You can either drive over it if you're very brave or get out and walk over it on foot. The bridge is sometimes closed on very windy days or days when the weather is really bad. Park your Road Bear RV rental at the nearby state park for the night and explore the area.

The Most Affordable Trips Are Practically Free

The most affordable trips are practically free, right? The aforementioned activities won't cost you much at all, especially when you compare them to what it would cost to take a plane somewhere and the cost of hotels and food. An affordable RV rental in CO allows you to cut down on some of the biggest expenses, and the one-tank trips mentioned above let you see some amazing things for cheap or free. 

Get out of Denver Colorado this weekend and go RV'ing!