Don't Reserve Any RV Rental That Can't Be Heated

Even if you like to claim that you "come from the finest pioneer stock," there are just going to be some cold nights in the RV that are too cold for you. When you reserve your RV rental, make sure it has hookups for heat so that you can stay nice and toasty all night long. Then make sure you only park the RV where you can hook up the utilities or renting an RV that can be heated isn't going to help.

Water Tanks Can Freeze: Know How to Keep Them from Freezing

RVs have three water tanks; one for clean water, one for gray water, and one for dirty water. The clean water is for washing and drinking (although most people don't actually drink water from the taps in their RVs). The gray water is frequently recycled and purified or transferred to the "black" water tank when emptying the RV tanks. The "black" water tank is urine and feces.


Regardless of the contents in each tank, they will freeze and they will pose a problem to the safety and function of the tanks. When you prepare for a winter RV trip, plan ahead on how you will keep the tanks from freezing, as they are often on the outside or underside of the RV. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on keeping tanks only 1/3 to 1/2 full and emptying often to avoid frozen clogs.

Winter Camping Means Almost Anywhere

While you can park your RV just about anywhere in winter while winter camping, you want to avoid parking it in places where the extreme cold could damage parts of the RV. For example, if you park your winter RV in an RV park with heat hookups and water dump stations, you can avoid a lot of the repair nightmares that come with subzero temps and RVs. If you park the RV in the parking lot of a big box store overnight with those same drastic temperatures, you are risking everything to save a few camping dollars. Prepare for RV camping in winter by planning ahead and reserving campgrounds with heat and water dump stations.

For more instruction on winter RV'ing, consult with the rental agents at Road Bear RV rental.