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Everyone has had the idea, at one time or another, to get an RV rental, starting a trip in Denver, Las VegasLos Angeles, New YorkOrlandoSan Francisco or Seattle and driving across the country at a leisurely pace, stopping anywhere you want and staying as long as you want. At Road Bear RV Rental & Sales we can make it happen and so easily! You can rest assured it will be a wonderful experience.

You’ll choose from the newest luxury RV’s in the industry and start your carefree vacation with the exceptional customer service for which Road Bear RV is known. Obviously, you may  worry about something going wrong, but with our staff on duty 24/7 to insure your RV satisfaction, you’ll sleep well on the back-roads of the US, unless the kids keep you up playing video games on the TV!

Road Bear RV is your premier source for Motor Home and RV rentals and RV sales in North America, and GPS is available for all rental units.

Ten reasons why you should choose Road Bear RV

RV Family  

Rental Models

Road Bear RV is currently renting 2017-2018 models from manufacturers such as Coachmen and Thor. Five different size models are available for rent:

RV Models  

New Customer Guide

If you have never rented an RV before we recommend that you read our guide for new customers and our Terms and Conditions - this will make your holiday planning much easier.

For an instant rate quote, first check availability. If an RV rental is available then you can submit the form for a detailed quote or choose to go ahead and confirm a reservation. Rental rates will vary depending on the following:

How many days do you need the RV?
What model of RV do you want?
How many miles will you travel?
What season will you rent in (summer rates are highest - winter rates are lowest). 

New Customer Guide  

Rental Rates

Pricing does differ dependent on the season that you intend to rent in. In general summer rates are higher than pricing during the winter.

As we experience a high volume of bookings over summer we recommend that you book early to ensure that we have a vehicle available. This will also mean that you can take advantage of our early booking rates which are available in late summer and fall for the next year.

Rental Rates  

Rental Locations

Road Bear RV has seven (7) ​rental locations in the United States. You can return the RV to your pickup location or select a one-way rental to another location.

Rental Locations