Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your campervan adventure around the United States.

17 Jul 2022



The RV Industry Association describes an RV (recreational vehicle) as a vehicular unit type for a temporary living when traveling or vacationing. Most recreational vehicle users use RVs for camping, recreational, and seasonal purposes. Travel in luxury and style by renting or purchasing a 2022 Road Bear RV. Let your family experience an eco-friendly trip while on the road and living in a Class C RV. To help you accomplish this, we have a list of helpful tips that is beneficial to protecting our environment.

2 Jul 2022


Road Bear RVs have just the right RV to rent or own. Whether you opt for an RV rental or buy an RV this year, you still have time to enjoy a summer RV trip in your new recreational vehicle. RV price/pricing for rental versus ownership may also pleasantly surprise you. A few tips to help you choose which RV is right for your summer RV trip can help you get on the road sooner than later.

12 Jun 2022


Whether you're ready to move up from tent camping because you don't want to sleep on an air mattress anymore or you're ready to explore nature in comfort, an RV rental can be a great choice. You won't be exposed to the elements, yet you'll be immersed in nature. There are many factors to consider when renting an RV for the first time. Here are five things you should know.

7 Jun 2022


With spring on its way out and summer just around the corner, you might be considering summer vacation plans for your family. At Road Bear RV, we believe in the magic of the great outdoors and the unique experiences it provides. If you’re looking for fun new travel ideas for your family, book an RV rental from one of our 7 US locations and road trip to one of these great family friendly RV parks.

4 Jun 2022


At Road Bear RV, we believe everyone deserves a break from the stresses of life, and what better way to do that than a summer getaway? Even if your budget is a little tight, a road trip with an RV rental is a fun, affordable way to vacation.

29 Apr 2022


Summer is fast approaching, meaning it’s an ideal time to start planning a fun and memorable summer getaway! If you’re looking to get the most out of your seasonal travel budget, Road Bear RV has you covered with convenient and affordable one-way RV rental specials.

16 Mar 2021


When it comes to vacation plans and wanting to travel around this country, there are many options available to you. You could fly to another city, rent a car and drive yourself to a place to stay for the night or several nights and go sightseeing around this new place. Or, you could hop in an RV and take your “hotel room” with you while you tour around the country and see a bunch of sights that you clearly would miss from the window of your airplane.

Taking the time to take a family road trip in an RV can be one of the most memorable adventures you could create. And, in the present environment, it allows you to stay safe, socially distanced, and comfortable, while also affording you the opportunity to see something different. If you think about your own childhood memories, was a road trip involved in any of your own family vacations? Wasn’t that one of the more memorable vacations that you had? Do you still remember the car you were traveling in or the places you stopped and visited?

15 Feb 2021


There are so many places that have become destinations for wine aficionados that it is almost difficult to choose the best. From vineyards in rural Virginia outside of Charlottesville, to new wineries in the upper regions of Michigan, grape growing and wine making have really made it to the United States in a big way. Where once you could only get Sauvignon Blanc from a French winery, now the grapes that make this wine are also grown in New Zealand and California. There are many highly competitive brands bottled in California; in fact, the State of California is vying for top spot when it comes to this type of wine, with several of the largest global producing wineries in the Napa Valley.

24 Jul 2020


In this new era many things have changed, among them how we take vacations and travel, even in the privacy of our own RV’s. Here are some things you should know about RV Travel in the era of Corona virus. There are some states that are more restrictive than others but here are some general guidelines you can use while traveling in an RV in the United States. Be sure to check the state you will be traveling to for its own restrictions and bans. 

21 Jul 2020


While this country is absolutely loaded with beautiful places to go and many gorgeous places to park your RV, we suggest several of the top scenic campgrounds from Maine to Florida and Colorado to California to park and enjoy the prettiest views. There are so many to choose from that it may be hard to pick your spots, but here are some places that will not disappoint for natural beauty.