Here you'll find tips, tricks and advice for getting the most out of your campervan adventure around the United States.

17 Jul 2022



The RV Industry Association describes an RV (recreational vehicle) as a vehicular unit type for a temporary living when traveling or vacationing. Most recreational vehicle users use RVs for camping, recreational, and seasonal purposes. Travel in luxury and style by renting or purchasing a 2022 Road Bear RV. Let your family experience an eco-friendly trip while on the road and living in a Class C RV. To help you accomplish this, we have a list of helpful tips that is beneficial to protecting our environment.

2 Jul 2022


Road Bear RVs have just the right RV to rent or own. Whether you opt for an RV rental or buy an RV this year, you still have time to enjoy a summer RV trip in your new recreational vehicle. RV price/pricing for rental versus ownership may also pleasantly surprise you. A few tips to help you choose which RV is right for your summer RV trip can help you get on the road sooner than later.