How to Take a Budget Friendly RV Trip This Summer

At Road Bear RV, we believe everyone deserves a break from the stresses of life, and what better way to do that than a summer getaway? Even if your budget is a little tight, a road trip with an RV rental is a fun, affordable way to vacation. With several locations throughout the United States, we offer both round-trip and one way motorhome rental deals to fit your schedule and budget. Read on for more tips on planning a budget friendly RV trip.

Plan a One-Way or Single Tank of Gas Trip

Since fuel will be one of your major expenses during your RV travels, plan out a road trip that can be completed on one tank of gas. Check for exciting destinations or RV parks within your state or even within a few hours of your home. Booking a one-way motorhome rental can also help save money since it saves you the gas expense of a return trip.

Check for Deals or Discounts

Road Bear RV offers both round-trip and one-way RV rental specials, which helps you save on the initial expense of rental costs. Check out all our current rental deals to learn more and find the right deal for you.

Book Early

Waiting until the last minute can sometimes mean paying more or missing out on your preferred RV rental, so be sure to make your plans and book your reservation as early as possible.

Pack Your Own Food

Although tempting, try to avoid stopping at restaurants during your RV travels and instead plan ahead by packing your own food to bring along. For a fun treat, consider selecting one restaurant with your travel crew ahead of time and budget enough for a delicious meal out.

Book Your Luxury Motorhome Rental with Road Bear RV

Start planning your budget-friendly RV travel experience with Road Bear RV! Visit your nearest location or book your RV rental online today.