1. Size of Your Motorhome

The first decision you'll need to make is the size of the motorhome you'd like to rent. How many people will be using it? Class A RVs are the largest, Class C RVs are next, and finally there is the smaller class B RVs.

The Class B RVs at Road Bear RV range from 20-22 feet and sleep up to four people (two adults and two children). Class C RVs range from 23-29 inches, and Class A RVs range from 30-32 inches. All come with a 110V hook-up. You can compare the RV models and contact us with any questions.

2. RV Price/Pricing

Price is another factor you'll want to take into account. If you're looking for the bare minimum, a Class B RV will probably meet your needs. However, if you enjoy various amenities, there's an extra price for a microwave, more beds, etc. It all depends on the number of people you're bringing with you.

3. Location Matters

Determine where you want to go because picking an RV campground takes research. You'll need ample space not only to park your RV but to have additional space for any awnings. We can help you select an RV with or without awnings. You'll need a campsite that's level, too. Also, if you have an RV that's older than 10 years, some parks may refuse you entry.

4. Prepare Your Budget

Whereas tent camping can be inexpensive, RV camping can become pricey. First of all, you're driving around a rather large vehicle. This means you'll need a budget for fuel. Then there's the cost of a generator and propane gas. Don't forget that campgrounds have daily and weekly fees as well.

5. Different Fees for RV Rentals

The more amenities you want, the more you'll need to pay. If you're camping in Dallas or Las Vegas during the hot summer, you'll want an AC in your RV. This will cost you extra. Need a microwave to warm up leftovers? That will also cost you. 

Renting an RV can be great fun, but it's important to thoroughly prepare before you take your road trip. Contact Road Bear RV to see the kinds of motorhomes we rent and the RV price/pricing we offer.