1. Choose the Right Type of Motorhome

Most customers prefer to rent a Class C RV or a Class A. A Class A is a fully loaded motorhome touring coach with all the creature comforts of home and a few extras. It is pricier to rent than a Class C RV, but it accommodates up to eight people in comfort and style.

The Class C RV allows anywhere from five to seven family members room to sleep, depending on the length and style of the RV itself. There's a lot more affordability in terms of RV price/pricing here whether you rent or buy. The smaller versions have fewer amenities than the largest version, so the bigger the price tag, the more amenities you get.

2. RV Rentals Are by the Week

Most RV rental places, including Road Bear, rent by the week. Typically, that means Sunday through Saturday, but prorated rentals from mid-week to mid-week or for longer durations are possible. It just depends on the availability of the RV you want to rent. Always check a month or more in advance to when you want to take your road trip.

3. If You Have Never Driven an RV Before, We Suggest Buying One Instead of Renting

While this may seem counterintuitive, if you have never driven an RV before, we suggest buying instead of renting. Why? Because if you bang up a rented RV, it's going to cost you a lot because you're not the one carrying insurance on it. If you buy an RV instead, you must insure it, which means your insurance will cover any damages that occur as a result of your lack of RV driving experience.

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