Eco-Friendly Tips for RV Travelers

With advanced technologies, Road-Bear RVs are more eco-friendly to protect and preserve the earth. Visit us online! Take a look at our latest RV fleet and check out the price markdowns. Below are valuable tips you should consider when using an RV Rental for traveling plans or a personal recreational vehicle. 

  • Use RV Solar

  • Practice Motorhome Waste Management

  • Choose a Class A RVs with Composting Toilets

  • Have Your Personal RV Tuned Regularly

Solar is an energy alternative to help you reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Power the motorhome, including electronics, appliances, and air conditioning by converting solar energy into electricity in the Summer. Practicing waste management helps to reduce waste when shopping and collecting plastic bags that fill the land fields and cause pollution. If possible, try to avoid plastic bags and carry your green reusable bags or totes to place shopped items. 

Another helpful tip is to choose an RV rental, such as a Class C RV with an environmentally friendly composting toilet. For the classic models, the RV price/pricing varies with the composting toilets requiring no water to flush. Some toilet models have a solid waste compartment and a liquid waste compartment based on the RV price/pricing. 

Lastly, remember to tune your RV regularly by an RV specialist. RVs should be equipped with converters to help reduce carbon emissions from the exhausts. Contact us! You can reach us by calling toll-free at (866) 491-9853 to learn more about the price.

Road Bear is a leading RV brand with the latest fleet of 2022 vehicles for travel in the Summer or any season. Rent or purchase a Class A or one of our other newest models providing plenty of storage space, panoramic views, and amenities. It is roomy, sleeping four to six people, and features sinks, showers, a furnace, a Ford V8 engine, oven, microwave, stove, and board generator. Our RV price/pricing for rentals varies based on the available RVs.