Class A RV rental

When you reserve an RV for short-term rental from Road Bear RV today, there will be very little that is needed to take with you on your RV trip. This means your RV rental will have a kitchen, dining area, bedroom, and a bathroom. You will also enjoy gas, fresh water, AC, and electricity.

A class A RV rental from Road Bear RV is able to comfortably sleep up to six or seven people. This gives you all the space you need — and then some — for a family of four.

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Class B RV Rental

At Road Bear RV, you will enjoy renting an RV that is rated as Class B. Although it will be a smaller type of RV than a Class A vehicle, the gas mileage for a Class B RV will be a lot better than that of a Class A or Class C RV.

The Class B RV has enough space for two people to sleep comfortably, but if you have four travelers, may feel a little too cozy. Your Class B RV rental will come equipped with a kitchen, sink, stove, and bathroom.

Class C RV Rental

When you choose a class C RV rental from Road Bear RV, it will be at least 20 feet long but a lot smaller than a Class A RV. However, you will still be able to allow six travelers to sleep comfortably. Although the features of a class C RV are less fancy than the other classes, these RVs are a lot easier to drive and are considered to be economical. As you drive, you will love how the Class C RV provides a comfortable ride.

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Now that you are aware of the RV classes and types of RVs that are available for rent, you just need to contact Road Bear RV today to reserve your recreational vehicle. Don't wait — give us a call now to get your RV rental adventure on the road.